IC Premia Plus is the first in the industry loyalty programme for Inter Cars S.A. Customers. Programme participants are automatically granted with IC Premia points when they purchase goods, and later points can be changed to attractive prizes, e.g.: garage tools, RTV and home appliances, toys, gadgets and also vouchers to particular shop chains.

Each 13 PLN net spent on purchases in Inter Cars S.A. are granted with 1 point, excluding purchases from tyre market. You can quickly get practical rewards from IC Premia Plus Offer. The catalogue to be found at www.icpremiaplus.eu .

To become a participant you need to register in the programme. Registration is free of charge and can be done any moment, you just have to be Inter Cars S.A. Customer.

After logging at www.icpremiaplus.eu you can easily check your points account and see or order the prizes.